Money, Money, Money

Tonight I spent a good hour looking at car insurance, which is probably one of the most dreariest tasks that we humans of the modern world will ever have to preform. The amount of questions it asks is unholy – boarder control asks less questions about your personal life! One question for example was ‘When you have an appointment, do you arrive:’ with the options of early, on time or late. I’m sure the to the insurance company this has some sort of significance but to my bewildered mind, I was struck blank. Finally though after 7 pages of questions I made it to my insurance quotes. The cheapest was £3800…

The car it was for was only worth around £1500! But this all led me to on a depressive, downward spiral about money. I work three times a week at a particular fast food outlet, while going to college 5 days a week and trying to maintain some sort or social life and seeing my boyfriend, yet I could not afford a car. And you may be thinking that I splash all my cash up the wall on booze but I don’t go out, ever. Well apart from the one night on my 18th. But the point is, I hardly ever spend my wages and yet I couldn’t afford to drive yet half of my age group can? Even the ones without jobs!

Now I’m not complaining that they can drive and I can’t, it just highlighted to me the way our society works. We live, breathe and breed money and without it you’re no one. I’m not saying that I’m poor. I don’t have to fight for my food, I have electric, nice clothes, and a loving family, don’t get me wrong. My parents have always provided my with everything I’ve need and really I have been a little spoilt in some aspects (especially when so many can hardly afford to keep a roof over their head) but still they couldn’t afford to just give me nearly £4000 for my car insurance – nor would I ask them to.

This whole situation has opened my eyes. Even though I have a job I’m still at an unfair disadvantage to those who live off mum and dads purse, and nothing will change that. Hard work will get you no where and its all about how rich your family are to what opportunities you get in life. But on a positive note it has made me thankful for what I do have, and I am glad I have the family, friends and life that I do.