My Brother. My Best Friend. My Dog.

If there is one person that has been there through everything it’s my dog. He is more than I could ever ask for. He is there when I’m sad he’s there when I’m hungover and he’s there when I need a cuddle.

I’ve seen jester, now 12, grow up from just a small puppy and through out that time we have been a lot together. If anything jester is both a dog, he thinks he is a human and well he is. He’s a valued member of the family and to me he is like a brother. While he wouldn’t hurt a fly, if I was ever threatened I have no doubt that he would protect me even if it meant his life! (Not that I would let him!)


As he has got older we have slowly become inseparable. As soon as I come home he is at door waiting for me, and from then onwards he doesn’t leave my side. Even as I type this he is laid on my laminate flooring next to my bed. He is the one thing in the world that I truly am grateful for.

When I go to university, my main worry is that jester will think I have left him. He is my joy, my world and my life. He knows when I’m upset and through his dopey charm he always cheers me up. I will always be thankful for my dog and I hope he knows how much I love him.